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Announcing the Global Release of Marcus’ CD Brand New Day!

Morning Joy Goes to Radio Jan 8th

Morning Joy


This is the third single released from Marcus’s new album entitled, Brand New Day. It’s a delightful, upbeat bundled with melodies, harmonics, which are complimented with the Spanish Guitar, outstanding piano play and top-notch saxophone musicianship from Marcus. This tune is definitely a morning eye opener and a head bobbing tune that will tempt one to keep it on a continuous loop. The musicians accompanying Marcus on Morning Joy, to make this song a hit, is jazz pioneer, keyboardist & recording artist, William Green, along with the multi-talented Instrumentalist & A-List Artist Producer, Ben Parris.

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AMG Heritage Awards - 2019
AMG Heritage Award

New CD Release – Brand New Day

Brand New Day

BRAND NEW DAY is a brilliantly diverse, percussively progressive and intoxicatingly exotic breakthrough album for Marcus. The spiritually minded collection includes a sophisticated, radio worthy Stevie Wonder re-imagining and dynamic contributions from multi-Grammy nominee Roger Ryan, Bob Baldwin, Mel Holder, Jonathan Fritzen, and Japanese Keyboardist, Madoca.

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  • Psalms 91
  • Mark 11:22-25
  • John 15:7
  • Hebrews 11:6